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Unistep ® - Microsoft Visio diagram animation add-in

Results using Unistep

What Unistep can do for you? Results that may improve a lot the understanding of your diagrams and the echo of your presentations:

  •  Identify and highlight selected processes in a complex diagram
  •  Display multiple processes in a diagram
  •  Animate selected processes in diagrams
  •  Drill down / drill up support, for functional and system analysis
  •  Export Unistep designed processes to HTML

Unistep can be used in Visio’s normal display, as well in its high quality “presentation” mode, when the toolbars are hidden. Also Unistep has some display options that can be activated for a better graphic experience:

  • "Trail” mode : preferred steps are continuously highlighted
  • “Isolate mode” – shapes belonging to other streams are dimmed
  • Isolated mode for displayed stream: steps of the not highlighted are dimmed. Both "isolated mode" may be present in a diagram (liker in this site's home page image).

You can asses Unistep's utility in these pages: