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Unistep ® - Microsoft Visio diagram animation add-in

About Unistep and its author

Unistep® software is designed in France.

Unistep is designed and written by Ion Alexandre CARTIANT, hardware engineer in the remote beginning, then later software engineer, also Microsoft MCP, MSDN…, with some 30++... years of experience. Mr Cartiant developed Amarco, a method to organize and display complex systems (end of the 90’s). In France and elsewhere, Amarco was used for system cartography and organization. It was promoted by Mr. Cartiant through its former French company, Sysoft. Amarco was supported by specific tools that provided an inventory of system components as well as automatic drawing features with Visio as it was at that time.

Unistep is a standalone byproduct of the know-how and the technology used to develop Amarco method and tools. It is designed as an extension of Microsoft Visio. Started some 10 + years ago (you can still see a Unistep video of 2010 on Youtube), it was gradually extended with new features.

As the former Unistep version was less and less functional on Visio’s versions starting with Microsoft 2016, Unistep was redesigned as an VSTO addon with new features. For example, the drill down feature may help functional and system analysts.

Unistep software is digitally signed in 2021 by Mr. Ion Alexandre CARTIANT.

Unistep is a trademark registered in France by Ion Alexandre CARTIANT

Sysoft is a trademark registered in France by Ion Alexandre CARTIANT