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Unistep ® - Microsoft Visio diagram animation add-in

Download Unistep

Unistep requires Visio 2016-2019.

For older versions of Unistep, for other versions of Visio, please see here.

The software you downloaded is fully functional, except some limitations at save (number of streams - 2, number of steps  - 5, and links), export (a watermark is generated). These limitations are dismissed after registration.

The Unistep manual is included in the download.

When you start a new diagram in Visio, you must save it before using Unistep. Also, for export, you must select in the setup form the target export folder.

You can freely download, install it and try Unistep.

Links to download Unistep:

Unistep is a Visio 2016-2019 VSTO addon, installed with the msi file you downloaded.  All Unistep dll's and the msi file are digitally signed by Mr. Cartiant.

Unistep msi signed Unistep dll signed

You download a zip file that is unzipped to a "msi file", then you launch the "msi" file.

On Windows 11 the following warnings may be displayed:

Installation warning Unistep install warning 
You click on "more info"  and see the authorized digital information by Mr. Cartiant (yes, Mr Cartiant lives now in Romania). Unistep - Digital information 
You press "Run anyway" and the normal installation phases begin.  Unistep - start installation 

I hope you may find Unistep uniquely useful for your presentation and analysis!