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System analysis with Unistep

Unistep for system analysis with drill down

A system has a structure, some components. Each of the components may have components too. A process involving a system may be show how it goes inside a component for more details. There may be more levels of detail. You decide what is the depth level you want to show.

Here you find an example of  this kind of diagrams. You can show dynamically how control goes from the main processes to the sub processes (drill down), as system decomposition. You can show a high level view, or "drill down" in the details of contained structures.

System analysis  -  systems presentation
Main system. Arrow indicates the component (X2) that has a structure. Drill down to level 1 (component X2).Arrow indicates the component (X22) Drill down to level 2, component X22 structure
System analysis - main system (X)   System analysis - Component X2   System analysis - Component X22 structure
System analysis - processes in main system and its components
Main process Process in component X2 Process in component X22
System analysis - main process   System analysis - process in component X2   System analysis - process in component X22
System analysis- follow main process in drill down inside component / follow drill up
In main system, step before drill down to component X2 In component X2, after drill down from main system (X) In component X2, before drill down to component X22
System analysis - step before drill down   System analysis - drill down in X2   System anamlysos -  Drill down from X2 to X22 
In component X22, after drill down from component X2 In component X22, prepare return (drill up) to component X2 In component X2, after drill up from component X22
In component X22, after Drill Down from X2    System analysis - return ( drill up) to X2 after X22   System analysis - return in component X2 from component X22
System X2, return to main stream Main stream - return from X2 Main process continues
System analysis - return to X2 from Drill down in X22   System analysis - return to main stream after drill down   System analysis-  main process continues